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Photowork '15

Juror: Katherine Ware,
Curator of Photography
at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe.

We are now accepting submissions for Photowork '15.

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Gail Rousseau, Night Gown, Photowork '14

Night Gown, by Gail Rousseau
Photowork '14

Exhibition Dates:
Saturday, June 20 - Saturday, August 8
Entry Deadline: May 1, 2015


Barrett at Babycakes Cafe

Barrett at Babycakes Cafe!

Babycakes Cafe sponsors Barrett Art Center by providing a premier exhibit opportunity at their popular and upscale gathering place and eatery on the circle at Raymond Avenue near the new Vassar College Bookstore.

on exhibit now....




Tapestries by Mary Flad


 mary flad

I began exploring the art of tapestry weaving forty years ago, about the time I moved to Poughkeepsie.  My designs and inspirations come from the landscape of the Hudson Valley and the surrounding region – from the River and the hills, the sky and the weather,  the trees and weeds and wildflowers.  The materials I use are generally linen and wool yarns, sometimes dyed for the specific project.

          The weaving of a tapestry is an excruciatingly slow process.  It is done on a loom, with the warp (lengthwise) threads serving as the “canvas” for the artist’s work, and the weft (crosswise) threads serving as the “paint.”  A design is developed before anything is put on the loom:  this may involve photographs, or line drawings, or paintings, or some combination of these.  Then, frequently, a “cartoon” is drawn to guide the project as it takes shape.

          The finished tapestry may be just a few inches square in size, or large enough to cover a wall.  It introduces texture and color and detail, engaging the eye as a visual poem without words.

                                                          Mary M. Flad

1 Collegeview Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 
8 AM - 9 PM Tues, Wed, Thurs
8 AM - 10 PM Fri, Sat
8 AM - 4 PM Sun

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