Archived Exhibitions


Featured in Barrett Art Center from August 19th - September 16th, 2017: 

Rafael Quirindongo -  Retrospectives

Rafael Quirindongo -  Retrospectives

Erin Kyle Danna -  El Raval

Erin Kyle Danna -  El Raval

Juror's Award: Kari Feuer, Sunset Stillness Honorable Mention: Susan Fowler Gallagher, Halloween III

Juror's Award: Kari Feuer, Sunset Stillness
Honorable Mention: Susan Fowler Gallagher, Halloween III

We the People Political Art in an Age of Discord

Lindsay Godin -"Civics 101", "JFK and the Bonnie Blue Flag:", & "Liberty"
from the series History is Written By The Winner -Jurors' First Prize
Barbara Masterson - "Abraham", "Waiting", & "Trimmer" - Jurors' Second Prize

 Tiffany Lin - "Play", "Betsy Ross Got The Blues", & "If I Won" - Jurors' Third Prize


POWer of 13


Monica Tiulescu, Species 0060,  First Prize

Rob Gonsalves, Reach, Color, Repeat, Second Prize
 Wobbe Koning, Frozen Motion (2), Third Prize

The Ashokan Reservoir, Amy Rie McGuire Solo Show

First Prize:  Jill Skupin Burkholder, Coyote
Second Prize:  Vincent Serbin, Grave Secret
Third Prize:   Kevin Frank, Sensitive Hunter
Honorable Mentions: Sandra Chen Weinstein, Untitled & Dan McCormack, Tricia_P-01-10-16-13AB

In the Crenson Gallery... Perspective & Place, curated by Martin W. Mahoney
Exhibition Dates:   Saturday, September 24th - Saturday, November 5th


Juror:  Eve Biddle, Founding Co-Executive Director of the Wassiac Project          
Exhibition Dates:   Saturday, July 23rd - Saturday, September 3rd 

First Prize: Ileana Doble Hernandez, Pollito Chicken
Second Prize: John Baker, Born and Raised in Chicago
Third Prize:  Trish Igo, Trypophobic Treasure
Runner Up: Trent Taft, The Elder
Runner Up:  Santiago Cohen, The Fight

In the Crenson Gallery... Flooded by artist Susan Keiser
Exhibition Dates:   Saturday, July 23rd - Saturday, September 3rd


First Prize: James Reeder
Second Prize: Janet Holmes
Third Prize:  Aaron Wax
Honorable Mention - Michael Marshall
Honorable Mention - Lars Anderson

Photowork '16

Juror:  Karen Irvine, Curator and Associate Director, 
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
Exhibition Dates:   Saturday, March 19 - Saturday, April 30

Meissner, Amy_Reliquary #3--Catch_1760695.jpg

New Directions '15

Juror:  Janet Bishop, 
Weisel Family Curator of Painting and Sculpture, 
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

Exhibition Dates: September 26--October 31, 2015

First Prize:  Loose Ends by Nathan Taves, Columbia City, IN
Second Prize:  JBD.5.14.11013 by Jenny Balisle, Richmond, CA
Third Prize: Lana H 8-11-14--06AD by Dan McCormack, Accord, NY
Honorable Mention:Self Portrait With Easel Set Too High by Eric Mantle, Roland, AR
Honorable Mention: Burn Quilt (Blue/Orange/Anis II) by Rebecca Strauss, Poughkeepsie, NY


Photowork '15

Juror:  Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography
at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe. 

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, June 20 - Saturday, August 8, 2015


First Prize:  Rita Maas, Chappaqua, NY
Second Prize:  Randi Ganulin, Sammamish, WA
Third Prize:  Jonah Calinawan, Baltimore, MD
Honorable Mention:  Nate Mathews, Bartlett, IL
Honorable Mention:  Gary Engle, Fairview Park, OH