In the Crenson Gallery

Opening Saturday, November 19

The Ashokan Reservoir - An Ephemeral Glimpse

Amy Rie McGuire

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About the Artist

Amy Rie McGuire (Amy Rie Sewell) was born and raised in Litchfield, Connecticut. Having been encouraged by her highly creative parents to use her talents from a young age, it was only natural that she develop her skills. Her first memory and experiences with painting and drawing is of going on outdoor painting excursions with her Mom, making wooden projects with her Dad, and him allowing her to stay home from school sometimes so that she could paint. One of her first oil paintings, an apple tree in bloom, is still in the house where she grew up.

After having exceptional art instructors in Elementary, Jr. High and High school –winning awards for drawing in state competitions and being chosen to participate in Center For Creative Youth at Wesleyan University, Amy went on to college at Parsons School of Design. There she studied Illustration and textile design. From Parsons Amy took a turn south and lived in the Caribbean for a time where she met her husband. She then went on to create and raise her family with him in The Catskill Mountains. Over those years Amy continued to paint while taking painting classes at The Woodstock School of Art, Woodstock NY, studying Botanical Illustration at The Institute of Ecosystems in Millbrook NY, studying abstract art and painting at Academy of Art University, San Francisco California, and learning the art of textile and surface design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in Manhattan- where she learned silk painting which is a thriving aspect of her work today. Amy has participated in many solo and group exhibtions over the years and is a member of The Barrett Art Center, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, American Craft Counsel, and The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She is published in Woodstock Guide, Art and Food- Washington Art Association, and her new book The Ashokan Reservoir-An Ephemeral Glimpse. Amys’ paintings are in many private collections.

Nature has always been her inspiration. Growing up in the Litchfield Hills of rural Northwestern Connecticut allowed Amy the freedom to explore the woods, fields, and streams to gain an understanding and love of plant and animal life.  The design and structure of the natural world is the driving force behind her work. Spending time amid the rolling hills has given her a great affinity toward the lay and gesture of the land. Having spent many hours walking around, sledding, and rolling down said hills gave Amy a tactile experience to translate into visual form. This has made the landscape as a subject matter for her paintings, a natural extension and visual expression of that experience, that are works of great depth of familiarity. With the love of the out of doors also came the love of the changes in weather and seasons and all that came with it. Color, light, and atmospheric changes to a scene were ever intriguing. Capturing that in paint was a thrill and challenge. From the manipulation of the medium, and mixing it to create the exact color, and then to “getting it down” in the visual form on canvas was an effort closely tied to spiritual.

While living in her home in the Catskills, Amy has enjoyed a view of the Ashokan Reservoir. After thirty years of watching it and dabbling, she got serious about chronicling it after being inspired to paint the scene for her son who was living away from home. This one view with different perspectives has resulted in this exhibition. Every day, every moment it can be something entirely different.

“Oh my gosh! Look at that!” was the refrain heard as she ran to capture the fleeting scene…

Because of the frugal nature of the artist and because she intensely does things her own way, Amy has made and or painted most of the frames for the paintings of this exhibit. Also included for sale are greeting cards she prints, a calendar, and a book for sale.