Monday October 9

Presented in collaboration with Catskill Art & Office Supply

Gamblin Artists Colors


Free - reservations suggested, but not required. 


Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials

Since our founding, Gamblin Artists Colors has handcrafted luscious oil colors and contemporary mediums true to the working properties of traditional materials, yet safer and more permanent.  Gamblin's dedication to today's oil painters extends beyond offering the finest possible materials – we believe in sharing our knowledge so painters can choose those materials that best support their own artistic visions.  

Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials, a 90 minute Lecture Demonstration will cover:

·         Artist’s Oil Colors – Gamblin’s approach to color making

·         Color Theory – 2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional Color Space

·         Color Mixing – Navigating Color Space: Gamblin’s practical approach to color mixing  

·         Mineral vs Modern Pigments – How to create a personalized palette of colors

·         Indirect vs Direct Techniques – Historical application of opaque and transparent colors

·         FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors – Benefits and uses of fast-drying, matte oil colors

·         Galkyd Painting Mediums – Focus on working properties and choosing the right medium

·         Building Permanent Paintings – Understanding Fat Over Lean approaches

·         Supports, Sizing and Grounds – How they affect color and permanence

·         Studio Safety - How to create a safe studio environment using Gamsol OMS

·         Gamvar Picture Varnish – Understanding contemporary varnishes and controlling surface quality

Strathmore Paper


Free - reservations suggested, but not required. 


The Essentials of Paper

Glenn Brill, Artist Educator for Strathmore Artist Papers™, will present The Essentials of Paper, a 90-minute hands-on presentation on Strathmore Fine Art Papers. The presentation will focus on how understanding a paper’s fiber, weight, texture, surface, grade and permanency affect an artist’s choice and usage of fine art paper. Attendees participate in hands-on exercises, using a selection of papers and drawing materials. The goal of the presentation is to provide information to help artists select the right papers for their medium and techniques.

The presentation will cover all aspects of fine art drawing papers including:

  • History of Writing Surfaces: parchment to papyrus to paper
  • History of Paper: from China to Europe
  • How Paper is Made: past and present
  • Handmade paper vs. Machine made paper
  • Components of Paper: fiber, watermark, surface texture, sizing, weight, permanence.
  • Environmentally friendly papers and alternative fibers: cotton, wood, hemp
  • Types of Paper: newsprint, sketching, drawing, bristol, illustration, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, mixed-media, printmaking
  • Grades of Paper: 300 , 400, 500 Series: for students, artists, professionals
  • Paper Storage


Attendees will receive FREE:

·         Strathmore papers & literature

·         Selection of drawing materials

·         Watercolor brush

About the Presenter

Glenn Brill has presented educational presentations on art materials throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. A past Professor at San Francisco State University, Glenn has also taught at California College of the Arts, San Francisco Art Institute and University of California @ Hayward. Glenn has been involved in art material product development and education for over 20 years. He has worked for some of the premier art material companies as Director of Education, helping to develop and test oil and acrylic paints, brushes, canvas, paper, and drawing materials. Recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Visual Fellowships. Author of “Beyond the Brush” and co-author of “The Acrylic Handbook”. His artworks are in the permanent collections of the Archives of American Art, Brooklyn Museum, San Jose Museum and Phoenix Art Museum. Glenn holds a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts, an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is a Master Tamarind Painter. His work can be seen at