Thomas Ellman, President
Sarah Wilson, Vice President
Karl Schmitz, Treasurer
Nikki Hung, Secretary
Monica D. Church
Lauren Clark
Rudy Vavra

Jeffrey Aman
Cary Phillips Auerbach
Lucy Hayden
Bill Jeffway
Elizabeth Jones
Ian Shrank
Holly Wahlberg
Carole J. Wolf

Interview with Board Member Rudy Vavra

WE ACHIEVE OUR MISSION to foster and perpetuate an appreciation of the visual arts in the Mid-Hudson Valley through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations.

History: Investing in the past through building preservation and collections stewardship is integral to our mission.

Contemporary Art: The DCAA inspires the Mid-Hudson's diverse community through high-caliber art exhibitions that are free and open to the public. 

Community: The DCAA maintains a strong presence in the community and brings together thousands of participants each year through collaborative programs to reach diverse audiences.

Historic commitment to Poughkeepsie and building community through art

Landmark Greek Revival building, home of WPA artist Thomas Barrett, Jr.

Premier collection of Barrett artwork & two centuries of family and DCAA archives

Annual exhibition calendar with national shows selected by leading curators

Opportunities for lovers of culture, history and art to learn and share.

Joanna Frang, Executive Director [about]
Anna Adler, Outreach & Operations Coordinator, [about]
Marisa Moeller, Event Coordinator  events@barretartcenter.org
Katie Dolan, Bookkeeper

DCAA Fiscal Year 2016 Form 990 HERE

The Barrett Family in Poughkeepsie

A collection of slides introducing the history of the Barretts in Poughkeepsie. 

Courtesy Holly Wahlberg. 


We are active in the local college community, hosting interns, volunteers, and in the case of this short film, serving as the subject for senior project for film studies majors from Marist College here in the City of Poughkeepsie.  We welcome student involvement at the DCAA, and are pleased to arrange for credit for internships.