5th Annual Poughkeepsie Open Studios

Artist Registration

Registration open now through April 29, 2019

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SALE OF ARTWORK: Be prepared to sell your artwork during the event, however please understand that all sales are your responsibility. Poughkeepsie Open Studios does not handle any sales on behalf of participating artists. *
ARTWORK IMAGE FOR PUBLICITY: We need one image of your artwork for our publicity, including our website, social media sites, and printed materials. By sending the image you are granting Poughkeepsie Open Studios the right to use the image for promotion of the event. *
ARTWORK IMAGE REQUIREMENTS:: Your artwork digital image must be in .jpg format with a minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side, and less than 5 MB in size. After completing artist registration, please send us the image attached to an email with your name in the subject line, to poughkeepsieopenstudiosartists@gmail.com *
FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: I understand that i have full responsibility for my artwork and that Poughkeepsie open Studios assumes no responsibility for damage to artwork, lost or stolen items, or accidents that may occur at any studio locations. *