Suzanne Rees
Circadian Rhythms
Sep 3 - Nov 2, 2019
I consider myself an abstract painter, the shapes that I draw are figurative or biomorphic in nature. There is a constant thread of line drawing, mark making and atmospheric painting throughout my work.

Suzanne Rees,  Sotto Voce,  20 x 24

Suzanne Rees, Sotto Voce, 20 x 24

The shapes start as an idea of something in the real world but stay in the world of my imagination, in an unfinished state, familiar yet unknown.

In contrast to the bold clear lines of the drawing, I want the space that these forms inhabit to be painterly and ambiguous. In this way I am a process painter. Sometimes, I paint over an initial drawing, leaving parts to show through, or draw, cover up, redraw again and so on, building the space.

Some of the smaller paintings are what I consider studies, almost abstracted landscapes. In these I enjoy the freedom to explore color and shape. They are very fast and direct, often multi layered.

My work comes from a love of color, drawing, line and paint. I am fascinated with obfuscation, confusion and anything visual that makes me look twice and wonder what I am seeing. My interest in metaphor as an expansive kind of knowledge informs my imagery. The tension between knowing and not knowing, mystery and clarity and the desire for both is what motivates my practice.

About the Artist
Suzanne Rees is a painter, sculptor and illustrator living in the Hudson Valley. She received a BFA from Parson's School of Design, and went on to get an MFA from the Rinehart School of Sculpture, part of The Maryland Institute College of Art. Under the tutelage of Artist in Residence Salvatore Scarpitta she was the recipient of the Rinehart Sculpture Award.

After years of small business ownership, She is primarily pursuing her fine art practice with an emphasis on painting and has shown at numerous galleries within the area, and was awarded the Sandra Palmer Shaw Award for Excellence in a small works show at WAAM in Woodstock, NY.

In the setting of the Catskill Mountains she sees abstraction within nature and finds the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley inspiring.

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