The Place to Be

This week has been wonderfully busy! All hands on deck for last week's Opening Reception's and Queen City Saturday Poughkeepsie Prints workshop.   Friends and visitors who missed the opening have been stopping by since. At the same time, students in Bill Noonan's Oil Painting Class have been enjoying their time in  creative mode in the studios. As they would tell you, painting is soothing and frustrating. Have no fear, with Bill's expertise and guidance, he tends to lessen the latter. He meets you where you are.

Need help mixing colors? Not sure where to start? What is a good subject? The best tools? How's your dog? (so cute!) Any question or concern you may have, Billy is there with not just an answer, but an explanation and/or a demonstration to give visual meaning for the answer. I highly recommend Bill Noonan's classes in Oil, Watercolor or the upcoming Figure Drawing Study workshop on Thursday afternoons.  He will use screen projections to teach the class about anatomy and help any artist hone their skills.  A plethora of knowledge and expertise are there for the asking at every stroke.  Check the Barrett Art Center calendar for more info. Billy is the man and if you think this is a biased opinion, well yes, yes it is and for the best of reasons. 

-JoAnn Passaro, Volunteer