Arbor Day Tree Planting!

Clinton Sch Arbor Day.jpg

Barrett Art Center was proud to celebrate Arbor Day 2018 with Tree plantings on Noxon Street on May 11. We hosted the tree planting ceremony in front of Barrett House, where a flowering crab apple tree was planted for Arbor Day 1995. Special thanks to the Poughkeepsie Shade Tree Commission, Mayor Rob Rolison, the City's Tree Department, NYS DEC, and especially, a class of third graders from our neighborhood's own Clinton Elementary School, joined by their Principal David Scott and Poughkeepsie City School District Superintendent Dr. Nicole Williams. 

We're excited to have two new red maples along the south side of Noxon street. 

Planting trees is a sign of our faith not only in Noxon Street, but the City as a whole. Planting a tree reminds us that the best things in life take time, it’s an investment in our future – it is literally about digging in, setting down roots, and sticking around through the sunny days and the storms, it’s about doing something for the long haul.  

That actually sounds a lot like the story of Barrett House, and our organization. We’ve been in Poughkeepsie since 1935 and we’re still going strong.

Our founder, the artist Thomas Barrett, was born in Poughkeepsie in 1902 and grew up here at 55 Noxon Street. Though Tom went away for college, he came back to his hometown aftewards, bringing back with him a heartfelt desire to connect his City with the arts. He spent his entire career drawing and painting the City of Poughkeepsie, and organized art exhibitions for artists to connect the entire community to art and to each other through art. 

We continue that mission at Barrett Art Center with free art exhibitions and arts programs all year round. We’re also working on restoring our 1840s building and making it fully accessible to everyone by adding a wheelchair ramp. We’re investing in this house, and Noxon Street to ensure that this house is around  for the long haul, just like the trees we planted for Arbor Day 2018.  We continue to be optimistic about our future here in Poughkeepsie – and are excited to finally get these trees in the ground.

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