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Body Beautiful II
Art of the Figure

January 5th - 27th, 2019

A January celebration of the figure with  weekends of free drawing and programs.

Saturday, Jan 5
1-4pm - Quick sketches & long studies in the studio where a male & female model pose together
2-4pm - Open reception in the galleries and artist Nestor Madalengoitia will draw portraits using
scratchboard in Gallery 3.

Sunday, Jan 6
1-4 pm - In the studio, “Drawn In, Drawn Out” A figure salon where artists can sign up to draw and be
drawn by each other. Facilitated by Stephanie J. T. Russell who has been on both sides of the modeling platform.

Saturday, Jan 12
11 am-4 pm - In the studio, draw the model
2-4 pm - “Turn Drawings into Prints”. Bring a drawing and an apron — Printmakers Penny Dell and
Anita Fina Kiewra share their strategies for this transformation and help you print a monotype. 

Saturday, Jan 19
11am-4 pm - In the studio, draw the model
2 pm - In Gallery 2,  Curator Monica Church moderates a panel with Lindsey Guile, Siena Porta,
Stuart Bigley, Dan McCormack and others. 

NEW!!!: Saturday, Jan 26
11am - 4pm - Freee Community Figure Drawing

Sunday, Jan 27
11am-4 pm - In the studio, draw or sculpt  the model
2-4 pm - In the studio, sculptor Madeleine Segall Marx will demonstrate her techniques in evolving a portrait head.
Closing reception to follow in the galleries. 

Free and open to the public.

Featured Artists


Lori Adams
Cary Phillips-Auerbach
James Bennett
Stuart Bigley
William Casper
Pauline Chernichaw
Jung Yun Choi
Emma Crawford
Jessica Dell
Penny Dell
Roz Dimon
Ailene Fields
Lee Geuryung
Jose Gomez
Claudia Gorman
Carl Grauer
Adele Grodstein
Lindsey Guile
Janet Gunderson
Keith Gunderson
Laura Gurton
Sean Hemmerle
Nikki Hung
Anita Fina Kiewra


Bora Kim
Pam Krimsky
Nansi Lent
Gail Levin
Madeleine Segall Marx
Nestor Madalengoitia
Dan McCormack
William Noonan
Gina Novendstern
Emmanuel Ofori
Siena G. Porta
Ellen Reinkraut
Stephanie JK Russell
Andres San Millan
Phil Sigunick
Susan Sinek
Erin Sullivan
Rudy Vavra
Karl J. Volk
Victoria Weill
Leigh Williams
Lisa Winika
Lynda Youmans
Hui Xu
Xuewu Zheng



Gina Novendstern   “Interlude III”   (15” x 14” x 9”)  $2500

Gina Novendstern “Interlude III” (15” x 14” x 9”) $2500

Adele Grodstein   “The Hurricanes”

Adele Grodstein “The Hurricanes”

Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan

Nestor Madalengoitia

Nestor Madalengoitia

Jim Bennett   “Adam & Eve”

Jim Bennett “Adam & Eve”

Susan Sinek

Susan Sinek

Jose Gomez   “Rudy 1”

Jose Gomez “Rudy 1”

Bora Kim   “Mother”   (12” x 9”)

Bora Kim “Mother” (12” x 9”)

William Casper  “ Here I Come “  (20” x 18” x 10”)

William Casper “ Here I Come “ (20” x 18” x 10”)

Claudia Gorman   “Throw”

Claudia Gorman “Throw”

Pauline Chernichaw   “Bystander”

Pauline Chernichaw “Bystander”

Andres San Millan   “Adam”

Andres San Millan “Adam”

Andres San Millan   “Prometheus”

Andres San Millan “Prometheus”

Ailene Fields  “Leo sapiens falconidae”

Ailene Fields “Leo sapiens falconidae”

Pam Krimsky   “Lovers Dance”   (28 1/2" X 38 1/2")  $850

Pam Krimsky “Lovers Dance” (28 1/2" X 38 1/2") $850

Lynda Youmans   “Alema”

Lynda Youmans “Alema”

Emmanuel Ofori   “UnAware”   (3’ x 4’)  $1100

Emmanuel Ofori “UnAware” (3’ x 4’) $1100

Lee Geuryung   “Self-Portrait”

Lee Geuryung “Self-Portrait”

Stuart Bigley   “Valerie”

Stuart Bigley “Valerie”

Lindsey Guile   “Guardian02”

Lindsey Guile “Guardian02”

Sunday, January 6: 1-4 pm
Drawn In / Drawn Out:
A figure salon where artists can draw, and be drawn by, each other.
Why does a figure model choose to drape her hand just-so across a knee? How does s/he create a powerful impact with a simple shift of the waist? How does it feel to sustain the stillness and grace of a challenging pose... in front of several people whose eyes are intently fixed on you?
Why are we drawn in to certain poses, and what draws out the best in our figure practice?

Experienced models project qualities that invigorate the studio atmosphere, embodying a form we're compelled to capture on the page. By taking the model's role, artists can attain surprising new insights into that unique dynamic. Modeling can also tune us more deeply into the silent exchange between artist and model, and deepen our sense of how line is created from within a model's body.

In this special session, each participating artist will sign up for a brief turn on the modeling platform. Artists can choose to do a group of short gesture poses, or pose for 5, 10, or 15 minutes at a time. Artists will pose clothed, and can choose to sit, stand, or recline.

Drawn In / Drawn Out will be facilitated by Stephanie JT Russell, who has enjoyed many years on both sides of the modeling platform. She will share a bit about the impact modeling has had on her artistic practice, and will invite participants to comment on their experience of this session.