Amy Rie McGuire


Nature has always been my inspiration.

Growing up in rural Northwestern Connecticut allowed me the freedom to explore the woods, fields, and streams to gain an understanding and love of plant and animal life.  The design and structure of the natural world is the driving force behind my work.

My art is comprised of four distinct bodies of work. Each of these grow as I continue to develop a clearer understanding of the force that inspires them.

Because of my appreciation of detail and the exactness in the created world and also the character that this may express, the first body of work consists of botanical illustrations, silk painting, and portraits of my “beasty” friends. I continue to work defining and articulating the beauty and complexities of nature, especially the beauty, delicacy, and intricacy of flora, and the attitudes expressed by fauna.

The second body of work comprises the larger view of nature in its totality of the landscape and seascape. These works portray the ever changing colors and light on land and sea.

Third, the still life, is important to me as a gesture captured in a moment when everything about the subject is striking at that moment. The light, shadows, reflections, color, shape, and texture all come together and capture for me an awe inspiring moment in time.

Fourth, and potentially most important, is the visual depiction of my relationship with The Source of Creation, my God. My quest is to visually portray this impetus of inspiration, this energy, as it moves around and through me, inspiring me, guiding me, and developing me. This energy always was and always will be, and is all around us in the quantum field—the matrix. This energy is also inside of us and is associated with color, shape, the five senses, the organs, and all the cells of our bodies. This energy governs our thoughts, our emotions, and our outcomes. It is what creates us and everything we have and are. This art work details that moment of inspiration and manifestation, and the myriad of possibilities waiting to come forth into form.


Amy Rie McGuire   

Education:    Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA- Abstract Art and Painting

                       The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY- Textile Design and Surface Design

                       The Institute of Eco Systems, Millbrook, NY and SUNY Ulster- Natural Science Illustration

                       Woodstock School of Art, Woodstock, NY-Painting with Karen O,Neil and St Julian Fishburne

                        Parsons School of Design, New York, NY- Illustration and Textile Design

          Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT- Participant at Center for Creative Youth

                        Litchfield High School, Litchfield, CT- Drawing, Painting, Design with Robert Dublac

                        My Parents

 Exhibitions:  Scholastic Art Competitions                     Hartford, CT                 1976

                        Greater Hartford Arts Festival                Hartford, CT                  1979

                        Woodstock School of Art                         Woodstock, NY             2001

                        Goleria Boriken                                         Rhinebeck, NY               2003

                        Family Network Chiropractic                  Kingston, NY                  2005

                        Woodstock Walk-In Doctors Office       Woodstock, NY              2006

                        Ulster Savings Bank                                  Kingston, NY                   2005, 2006, 2007,

                        The Arts Upstairs Gallery                         Phoenicia, NY                2005, 2006

                        Village Art and Frame Gallery                 Babylon, NY                    2008

                        Evergreen Gallery                                     Great Barrington, MA   2009, 2010

                        Catskill Art and Office                              Woodstock, NY              2011, 2012

                        Ulster Savings Bank                                  Woodstock, NY              2012

                        Private Collections

Awards:         1st Place Pencil Drawing                         Scholastic Art Competition                 1976

                        Best Surface Design                                 Milekin Textile Design Competition1981

Member:      Woodstock Artist Association and Museum   Woodstock, NY           current

                       American Craft Council                                                                                current

                       Guild of natural Science Illustrators                                                          current

                       Barrett Art CenterPoughkeepsie, NY                                                       current

Publications:Woodstock Guide                                                                      2013,2014,2015

                        Art and Food     Washington Art Association washington Depot, CT 2014