Photographing Artwork Workshops

fiber art by Karen Madden-courtesy of Lori Adams

fiber art by Karen Madden-courtesy of Lori Adams


Photographing 2D (Flat) Artwork
Saturday, January 20, 9am-12:30 pm
Fee:  $110 (non-members) $100 members

Photography 3D (table top) Artwork
Saturday, January 20, 2-5:30 pm
Fee:  $110 (non-members) $100 members

Photographing artwork requires technical knowledge and patience. Proportions, angles and colors need to be accurate to convey the spirit of the artwork. Learn how to use major settings on your camera and Barrett Art Center photo lights to create images suitable for submission, web and print. This workshop will cover basic steps, including white balance, camera and light positioning, profiling, focal length and exposure settings as well as editing in standard software programs. After completing the workshop, participants will be able to reserve and use the lights at Barrett to photograph their artwork. Basic camera knowledge is required. Each session is limited to 6 people. Instructor approval necessary.

Requirements: Camera with manual settings, tripod, camera manual (optional, but recommended).

Each participant can bring one piece of artwork (4’ or smaller on longest side) to be photographed for 2D session. For 3D session, participants can bring 1 piece or group of pieces no more 18 inches in any direction.

Instructor approval necessary. Call or email for information.

Registration: or 845.227.3775