To help reduce program expenses, Barrett Art Center, home of the Dutchess County Art Association, needs the donation of supplies, services and/or equipment that are regularly used during its special events.

Should you have any of these items that are new, almost new, or in good working order, and would like to donate them to our organization, please contact Joanna Frang.

With your donation of any item on this list, you actively become a part of our mission to offer high-caliber, low and no-cost art activities that nurture the creative vitality of the community year round.

                                            Wish List


                                        Paper Towels                                                                          Digital Projector                                                                                                       

                                        Toilet Paper                                                                              Printer

                                       Cleaning Supplies                                                                   Office Chairs

                                       Garbage Bags                                                                            Large Flat Screen TV

                                       Toner                                                                                          Cordless Drill

                                        Copy Machine Paper                                                            

                                       Card Stock Paper                                                                    Level