Crenson Gallery Solo Show

Reaching Redly Upwards

 Wren Ross

May 20 - June 24, 2017


Reaching Redly Upwards is a works on paper installation. These drawings are inspired by communities built upon oral storytelling traditions, and those who rely on reworking cultural myths to inform the future. At a time when community values are being called into question, and politics are often synonymous with fear or misgivings, the development of new heroes, new epics and new resolutions is increasingly called for.

            Myth is a medium developed to inform, encourage, sustain and soothe. It functions to impart morals and to help communities remember how to nourish and support each other. It is not a static relic of truth; it is a living, breathing, feeding creature. However, myth is bounded by current events and so requires reinterpretation and revision to remain useful. This lesson is particularly apt in our present time when we tend to cling to old ways of thinking, behaving and relating to the world to feel safe, even when these ways cease to be relevant.

            The work in Reaching Redly Upwards is comprised of a battery of new symbolism, of space and form, and of mythological figures. It asks to be interpreted, and for these interpretations to be told and retold. It asks to metamorphosize: to undergo the catalyst of personal opinion and perspective, which will necessarily change from viewer to viewer. This work doesn't have pre-fabricated meaning meant to be gleaned in the correct way, rather it provides fuel for introspection and learning, is primed to be taught to others, and to be secreted around, to be called upon in moments of great need. 

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